Bruce C. Frederick, PG, PhD


My current research focuses on understanding controls on sedimentary basin development from source to sink. By exploiting both quantitative geological and geophysical methods to analyze the evolution of sedimentary systems across geologic time, I use an approach that correlates terrestrial, coastal, and submarine sedimentary system models.

Geographically, my research has taken me from Antarctica to North America investigating facies distributions from the Mesozoic to the Holocene. In particular, I am interested in understanding and quantifying the impacts of large-scale processes, including eustatic, fluvial, glacial, and tectonic dynamics, on sedimentary basin evolution. Inherent data collection and analysis employs and interdisciplinary approach from airborne, terrestrial and marine geophysics, including potential fields and multichannel seismic methods, to more traditional geochronologic sampling of geologic cores and outcrops.

My current project investigates the sediment source terrains and routing of the pre-salt early Jurassic and Triassic record in the Gulf of Mexico basin. This build on a primary component of my previous work that focused on how inherited structural constraints and sea level fluctuations dictate the geomorphologic evolution of basin systems.

Research Projects & Interests

Recent and ongoing research projects include:

Research interests include: